Don't Change.

Even if they do.

When a person in your life is diagnosed with dementia, visits can get harder. But showing up is one of the best ways to give support and stability. So, let’s all keep calling, visiting and being there for people living with dementia. Even if it’s not easy. Even if they don’t remember. Even if they change.

Keep doing what they love.

For Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, we asked for stories from people living with dementia, caregivers, friends and family. This is how they like to stay connected. Read on to get inspired, and keep dancing, walking, singing and showing up for the people in your own life.

Story tile imagesdrumming

Keep drumming.

Granville Johnson’s song, “The Day Will Come,” a chant set to music and rhythm, puts his own dementia journey into words with undeniable power and resonance.

― Granville, Sinclair Mills Listen to the song

Keep going out to eat.

“My wife and I enjoy going to restaurants during the weekends with our friends and schoolmates. We just eat and eat and eat.”

― Kan, Vancouver

Keep singing.

Barbie takes her mom out for drives and they sing all the hits together.

― Barbie, Penticton
Story tile imagesgirlguiding

Keep girlguiding.

Linda, a lifelong Girl Guide, stays active with her best bud and former Girl Guide, Ruth. They continue to go hiking, biking, camping and paddling. Linda's little dog, Bentley, often joins as well.

― Linda, Courtenay
Story tile imagesdim sum

Keep going for Dim Sum.

“We enjoy talking on the phone to keep connected if we're unable to see each other. If we can see each other, we will go for dim sum. Sometimes we call each other to arrange to meet and have dim sum together!”

― Seng Lok, Richmond

Keep chatting.

“I’m lucky in having a few friends and when we go out for lunch, we talk about the subjects that we’ve talked about for 10 years. Not that we’re repeating. We’re talking about the stock market and politics. I enjoy that.”

― John, Vancouver

Keep bringing kids around.

"I took my small child with me to visit my mother in the long-term care home where she lives now. She lit up, as did many of the other residents."

― Aaron, Vancouver
Story tile imagesbaking

Keep cooking.

Victoria continues to attend the First Baptist Church, attends Minds in Motion®, and leads pierogi and cinnamon roll-making sessions for her family. “She cooks by touch more than memory, and it always works out,” her son Robert says.

― Victoria, Prince George
Story tile imagesreading

Keep sharing books.

“In the beginning stages, my mom did enjoy watching movies and TV, but she finds it hard to follow the plot, which is why books seem to have replaced that activity. Basically, if there is something she enjoys doing, I just try to cultivate that.”

― Naomi, Kelowna

Keep playing music.

Since she was diagnosed with dementia, Louise has continued to apply her patience and positivity to her loves: family, music and leadership within her church. Louise still plays piano and organ, leads her church choir and prepares meals for large numbers of people at church events.

― Louise, Kamloops

Keep going for dinner.

“I join a few fellows at a table a few nights each week for dinner. We talk about the news, our families, what we’ve been out doing.”

― Craig, Vancouver

Keep watching planes.

"I remember when my mother was living in long-term care. I’d visit to watch planes land and take off from one of the lounges with her."

― Jim, Surrey

Keep watching shows.

Thelma and Manny enjoy watching movies and television series together.

― Thelma and Manny, Burnaby

Keep dancing.

"Sometimes when we’re listening to music, he reaches out to move my arms as though we’re dancing,” Laileen says. “He will light up suddenly and surprise me. He’ll sway to the music and tap his feet. This is quality of life and I treasure it.”

― Bryan, Richmond

Keep golfing.

“I like to golf with my wife and friends.”

― Don, Creston
Story tile imagespicnic

Keep picnicking.

“We have always enjoyed the outdoors. We’ve spent a lot of time on our patio just watching the hummingbirds and we often go on picnics in the summer. We even enjoy winter picnics, weather permitting.”

― Charlene, New Westminster
Story tile imagescolouring

Keep colouring.

Teresa wishes family and friends would join her in using adult colouring books.

― Teresa, Surrey

Keep going to the gym.

"There's a group of people we socialize with through the gym. We see each other for Christmas and Thanksgiving. They are my home away from home as I’m not originally from Vancouver. It's hard north of 50 to come to a new town and make friends."

― Mariano, Vancouver

Keep playing soccer.

"I like doing physical activities like going for a walk together and going to soccer."

― Hans, Delta
Story tile imagesmahjong

Keep playing Mahjong.

“I like playing mahjong with my family and friends.”

― Pui Wah, Richmond

Keep camping.

“We like camping. We love to get out into the forest to find a nice spot and get away from telephones. It’s a very enjoyable pastime.”

― Jim, Kamloops

Keep checking in.

“I also use Skype with some friends who live in Ontario, one in Toronto, one in Ottawa, usually once a week or so. Keeps us engaged and ‘checking in’ with each other.”

― Craig, Kelowna

Keep soaking up the sun.

“Life can be very good. Whatever life has given you, you have to experience it as best you can. Go and look at the sunshine today. Go talk or listen to somebody. Be as content as you can with what you have.”

― Bill, Kamloops